Affinity Mapping:

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Affinity Mapping: by Mind Map: Affinity Mapping:

1. Price

1.1. Price changes are annoying.

1.2. I hate paying more for a ticket than it's worth.

1.3. I google cheap tickets

1.4. I pull up multiple sites to help price match.

1.5. I read the reviews to see what other people are saying.

1.6. I pull up multiple sites to check prices

1.7. Price changes are annoying

1.8. If it's too high,i'm not going.

1.9. If it's too low then it's a red flag for me.

2. Experience

2.1. I'm will to spend more money on the experience.

2.2. If it's someone who I want to see bad enough then i'd pay.

2.3. I'd rather pay more money to see more people, than the same about to only see one.

3. Current Methods

3.1. I pull up multiple sites at a time to match the price.

3.2. Right now I use a web browser extension such as honey to help search for the best prices online.

3.3. I ask friends where they normally go and if I can i'll purchase the ticket directly from the source.

3.4. I browse multiple sites at a time.