Furniture Design And Manufacturing

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Furniture Design And Manufacturing by Mind Map: Furniture Design And Manufacturing

1. Week 2 Lecture.

2. 1.0 How to manufacture a piece of furniture to be functional

3. 2.0 What considerations do you need to make for the user.

3.1. Form i.e is the structure safe?

3.2. Function I.e is the structure comfortable

4. 3.0 What considerations do you need to make for the manufucture?

4.1. Build ability and manufacture. I.e you need to consider tooling,materials required, labour and time. Consider what materials to focus on, how much it will cost to source them and process of working on the material.

4.2. Quantity of scale. i.e What is each piece in my furniture item? Am I using the same process across multiple items? Can I replicate similar processes? Could i use multiple processes across a range of items?

4.3. Longevity I.e What is the use of my furniture? How long is it reasonably expected to last? What materials are suitable for my application? What protection is needed for my application?

4.4. Transport. i.e What is the distance traveled by the item? What is the possibility of damage while transporting.

4.5. Environmental Sustainability. I.e What is the best compromise?

5. 4.0 End of lecture test