TOP 6 DELIVERABLES with Proactive Bottom-up Recruiting Services

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TOP 6 DELIVERABLES with Proactive Bottom-up Recruiting Services by Mind Map: TOP 6 DELIVERABLES with Proactive Bottom-up Recruiting Services

1. Quarterly situation assessment meetings/career coaching between the two of us

1.1. This is where you tell me...

1.1.1. ...How you define A-Players

1.1.2. ...What the desired Mission and Outcomes are for each of the future positions we're proactively recruiting for

1.1.3. ...What your company culture currently looks like, what you want it to be like in 6, 12, 24 months from now, and what your plans and commitments are to achieving those ambitions

1.1.4. ...Where you are currently experiencing challenges in your staff/human capital

1.1.5. ...What hiring needs you foresee in the coming months and years

1.1.6. ...Your feedback on the professionals I've introduced you to during the past quarter

2. Company Culture and Employee Experience Consulting

2.1. Collaborate with, and bounce idea off of, the other three multi family office executives enrolled in the services

2.2. Private (password protected) monthly blog posts on how to continually improve your company culture and employee experience

3. Continually assessing talent and identifying A-Players in your market(s) who meet your criteria and desired attributes and competencies

3.1. This is at the very heart of my Proactive Bottom-up Recruiting service, and where 90% of my time is spent

4. Scheduling between 1 and 3 A-Player introductions per quarter

4.1. The amount of introductions each quarter depends on

4.1.1. How full and solid you feel your pipeline of A-Players are at any given point in time

4.1.2. Where the A-Players in our Funnel of Consideration are in their career How soon are they potentially looking to make a career move

5. Market/Firm feedback

5.1. As I am consistently working in your market I will be proactively obtaining market knowledge about how your firm is viewed from the outside. I will include what I learn in my quarterly progress report

5.2. If you would like, I can also reach out to current staff members and ask for confidential feedback regarding your firm's company culture and employee experience

6. Managing the movement of A-Players through your Funnel of Consideration

6.1. This includes

6.1.1. Producing a written quarterly progress report so you can visually see how your relationships with each A-Player in your pipeline is progressing