Philosophy of Learning

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Philosophy of Learning by Mind Map: Philosophy of Learning

1. GOLDEN THREAD will ensure the vision is kept as the main focus through out

2. Change will not always be welcomed but as and L&D professional its important to identify the benefits it presents to the bigger vision

3. What is important to learn in this organisation to meet the main vision

4. What underlining ideas are driving learning in your organisation?

5. P.O.L is all about creating a culture for learning that works and is effective

6. A learning philosophy provides the perfect opportunity to stop and pause - it empowers you to ask WHY?

7. Different Types Of Organisations

7.1. ANALYSIS: Taking stock of what already happening at an organisation and identifying the gaps is essential for effective L&D work.

7.2. LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE - the structure of a company can result in L&D being placed at the forefront or back burner depending on what is deemed as more important and how many chains of command there are

7.3. SIZE - the size of an organisation,drastically impacts the level of L&D execution.