factors for the outbreak of the Cold War

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factors for the outbreak of the Cold War by Mind Map: factors for the outbreak of the Cold War

1. problems in Germany,

1.1. Yalta Conference (4 to 11feb1945)

1.1.1. divied Germany into 4 occupational zones, leading to heightened tensions between the Western Powers and the USSR fears of Soviet intentions galvanised the US into taking action to prevent the USSR from potentially occupying the whole of Germany beginning of a new German state(jun1948) introduction of The Deutsche Mark(18 June 1948) angered Stalin who felt threatened by Britain,France,and the US combining their occupational zones

2. tension between the USA and the Soviet Union

2.1. ideological differences between USA and USSR

2.2. berlin blockade and airlift (24june1948-12may1949)

2.2.1. Fears of US intentions to threaten the USSR's presence in Germany fuelled Stalin's determination to prevent the formation of west germany

2.3. the arms race

2.4. the USA's nuclear monopoly and the use of atomic bomb on Japan

2.5. perceived delay in the opening of the 2nd front

2.6. disagreements during wartime neogtiations

3. Events turned the mistrust to war

3.1. Cominform

3.2. The Yalta and Potsdam conferences

3.3. Salami tactics/spread of communism

3.4. Truman doctrine and the marshall plan

3.5. Czechoslovakia

4. alliances 1945-1955

4.1. warsaw pact

4.2. comecon formed on Jan 1949

4.3. comiform

4.4. NATO formed in April 1949

5. USSR's policy on Eastern Europe

5.1. satellite states in Eastern Europe

5.2. communists taking over czechoslovakia, 1948

6. USA policy

6.1. policy of containment

6.2. the truman doctrine and the marshall plan

7. political vacuum and the rise of superpowers