Sprint 14 Half of volume burned

Sprint 14 summary

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Sprint 14 Half of volume burned by Mind Map: Sprint 14 Half of volume burned

1. Risk of Michael absence occured - was reviewing, then went to holiday

1.1. we didn't understand, wo Michael, there will not be approver

1.1.1. Michael is a critical resource. Reviewer doesn't mean approve of intended use for a function. Michael holidays is a risk with a high impact make description before sprint so that have less risks during implementation. Before implementation a function we should have it description in a story.

2. Complexity of descriptions agreements was unexpectedly high.

2.1. unexpectadly - cause we expected, owner will approve specification

2.1.1. too late we thought, author can approve Passive accept

2.2. it the first time

2.2.1. didn't understand the whole process what to do to fulfill DOD physical artifact with DOD fulfilled A3 printed(Vlad) Everyone knows, how to satisfy each DOD item. (Dima B)

2.3. sometimes nothing to start from

3. Bugs were found and there wasn't clear, what is the process

3.1. Create a process, how to tacke with new bugs. during a sprint ASAP (Tima)

4. Large scope creep according to burndown?

5. Personal issues

6. Changes in review process dew to several people in one file and reviewer sees extra code

7. A lot of external reviews, which consists of two- description and code

8. Some items might be done earlier - description and architecture

9. unaddressed

9.1. Ilia was overloaded due to unawareness in code and a lot of reviews

9.1.1. legend external impact votes todo root cause

9.2. Unclearence in status of external reviews. Long life reviews

9.3. Long internal reviews with a lot of iterations