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Pets by Mind Map: Pets

1. Rescue - Should I rescue from an animal shelter, rescue group or non profit organization?

1.1. There are thousand of surrendered animals looking for their forever homes threatening to be euthanized.

1.2. Most rescue animals are already spayed or neutered and are in need of a second chance at life.

2. Breeder - Do I ensure that I am buying a healthy bloodline with higher standards in quality of the animal?

2.1. You can get a breed that specifically fits to your families lifestyle and particulars. Knowing the breed and mannerisms.

2.2. This process you are pretty much getting a bill of good health for the animal from the bloodline and paperwork, IE: AKC registered which is the most recognized.

3. Pet Store - Do I buy the cutest puppy in the window for instant gratification?

3.1. Every puppy needs a home and why not your's? Why not now?

3.2. They finance with minimal paperwork.