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CET: The Next Lap by Mind Map: CET: The Next Lap

1. Accessible Learning

1.1. Social Learning

1.1.1. Adults are social learners

1.1.2. Satellite [email protected]

1.2. Remote Learning

1.2.1. MLCs, Professions

1.2.2. Masters Collective

1.3. Workplace Learning

1.3.1. SL for SD in Community Optometry

1.3.2. Acad Staff undergo WL training

1.3.3. Testimonials from prominent clients of customised courses

1.4. Stacking for Articulation

1.4.1. SD/Business Decision Analytics to ISS

1.4.2. SD/Decision Analytics to AD/Machine Learning

1.4.3. PTD/Applied Mgt to SUSS

1.5. Community Partnership

1.5.1. Prisons

1.5.2. Seafood Exchange

1.5.3. SSI

1.5.4. SFDW for Seniors' Activity Centres and NKF

1.5.5. Student Care Professionals with e2i

2. Outcome-Focused

2.1. Key indicators: Trg hours, places, satisfaction, promotion, pay rise, etc

2.2. Bootcamps

2.3. Work-Study ELP

2.4. PCPs

2.5. Learning and Career Support

2.5.1. JobTech Skills and Learning Gaps for Job Placements

2.5.2. Learning and Career Services

2.6. Research Informing Practice

2.6.1. Factors influencing motivation to transfer and pursue further learning

2.6.2. Clusters of individuals predisposed to transfer and/or pursue further learning

2.6.3. Practical implications to have more adults apply/transfer their learning and/or pursue further learning

3. Capability Development

3.1. Modus Operandi: With Industry for Industry

3.2. Internationalisation

3.2.1. International Start-Up Talent Factory

3.2.2. iTalent with SMU

3.2.3. Asean-Readiness

3.2.4. Travel and Learn

3.3. Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

3.3.1. AI in Finance

3.3.2. Machine Learning for Humans

3.3.3. SD/BDA

3.3.4. SD/BA and AD/ML

3.3.5. Data School

3.3.6. Data Science Bootcamp