Mobile Apps For Amber Price and Stacy Floyd

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Mobile Apps For Amber Price and Stacy Floyd by Mind Map: Mobile Apps For Amber Price and Stacy Floyd

1. Reading Apps

1.1. Monkey Word:This fantastic app helps my students with their consonant blends, digraphs, and more! ‎It proves very helpful for my lower level learners.

1.2. SuperWhy ABC Adventures: This is a great interactive game app that helps struggling or lower level readers. It will help them recognize sounds and form words.

2. Math Apps

2.1. Geoboard: Need to explore shapes or patterns? Geoboard is a great tool for exploring line segments, polygons, perimeters, angles, and more! This app is a perfect way to get students engaged!

2.2. Mathnateer: This app tackles 56 different math standards! This makes this app is perfect for helping students reach multiple goals. In addition, it makes a great tool for a lesson because it can gamify; bringing a real world connect right to your student.

2.3. Place Value Blocks: Students can get their hands on and start manipulating number pieces. This will help the show their understanding of multi-digit numbers, counting, regrouping, addition, and subtraction. ‎

3. Sight Words Ninja: Need a dynamic game? You can adjust the level of difficulty based on the student's skill. It also offers the ability to record audio to hear the sight words being said! ‎

4. Science Apps

4.1. DNA Play: Exploring DNA? Here students can make changes to a monster to discover how changing DNA will alter our characteristics. ‎

4.2. Crazy Gears: This is all about a chain reaction. How can one change make a difference? The students will discover this while constructing a machine using pulleys, gears, chains, and more. ‎

4.3. Monster Physics: Force and Motion is covered with this app. Students can build intricate,working contraptions to discover how these machines will react. ‎Monster Physics®

5. Apps For All Subjects

5.1. QR Readers: This is a great way to get your kids to sights or assignments. Scan the QR and your off. Any website or document can have a QR link made for it. We can use this tool to create scavenger hunts and quests to make learning more fun.

5.1.1. Google Cardboard: Want to take your class on a trip. Google Cardboard bring virtual reality right into your room! This app works with any VR set you have, include homemade ones the students can create.

6. Coding Apps

6.1. CodeSpark Academy: This coding app allows tracking of student progress and the ability to assign lessons that will teach students the key concepts of programming.

6.2. Box Island:This app offers the basics of coding. Some of the objectives it covers are sequencing, pattern recognition, and critical thinking.

7. Apps for Creating

7.1. Animoto--This is an app that would help students create presentations and slideshows. It is user friendly and would allow students to add video and pictures. Animoto has a 5 step process to create a presentation. This will help to keep students on track.

7.2. Anchor--One of the things that caught my attention with Anchor is that it allows you to create and host an unlimited number of episodes. Podcast have become important in my classroom to help teach students listening comprehension. Allowing students to create their own podcast will grab their attention right away. Students will enjoy listening to their classmates as well.

7.3. Animation Desk--This app allows students to create artwork or animations. This will be a great app to allow students to be creative. It offers many different tools to help each animation be unique and personal.

7.4. Adobe Spark Video--I like that Spark already has a bank of photos and still gives you the opportunity to add your own photos. It is user friendly for all ages. I find that this app would be very beneficial because of its ability to allow users to clip videos and add music or other soundtracks.

8. Apps for Analyzing

8.1. SimpleMind--I like the structure of this app. It has a structured way for students to organize information. They could also brainstorm ideas. I can see my students using this to do an outline or graphic organizer for a writing piece.

8.2. Padlet--Is an app that will give students the opportunity to collaborate and help their classmates with ideas. This is a great tool to help brainstorm and even organize thoughts and ideas. Padlet will allow students to insert video and photos. I believe the format would have students very engaged as well.

8.3. ThingLink--This app gives the opportunity for students to find images that are of interest to them. ThingLink allows students to analyze photos and show what they know. When students can add text, video, and sound you will have them engaged from the beginning.

8.4. WuFoo--I like how this app allows students to create their own forms to collect data and analyze the data. It also will help to organize that data. It gives you the capabilities to upload files that you might want to add to data collection or other organizational tool.

9. Appls for Applying

9.1. MicSwap--This app has endless possibilities. With the capabilities of recording, voice over, podcasting and many more this app could be used in a variety was in the classroom. I believe students would love to use this and create and apply previous learned skills.

9.2. Buncee--I think this app is versatile and brings several opportunities to the table for students. Students can create presentations where they can apply many skills students have learned. I also liked that students can easily share their presentations with parents or others outside the classroom.

9.3. Periscope--This is a live video app. This app allows you share videos to social media and in many other ways. Students could use this to share what is going on in their classroom. It would also be a way to share announcements or upcoming events.

9.4. FlipaClip--This app allows students to apply skills they have learned to make an animation. This tool allows students to be creative. Kids love graphic novels. This tool would allow them to create their own graphic novel while using their writing skills.