Fishing Mind Map

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Fishing by Mind Map: Fishing

1. Inshore Saltwater Fishing:

1.1. Fishing in the inter-coastal for saltwater fish from the land, such as the beach or from a boat.

1.2. Saltwater fish caught from the shore can vary in many different types of fish such as red fish, flounder, jack fish, and many more.

2. Freshwater Boat Fishing:

2.1. Fishing from a boat for freshwater fish on a lake or river which is primarily more of a sport fishing.

2.2. Fish caught by boat in freshwater can be similar to the fish caught on shore. By boat can allow for catching larger fish toward the middle of the river or lake. Trout, Gar, Bass, and more are the types of fish caught.

3. Deep Sea Saltwater Fishing:

3.1. Fishing in the ocean that is offshore in the deep waters of the Atlantic ocean.

3.2. Saltwater Fish caught in deep sea fishing can be Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, and many more.

4. Shoreline Freshwater Fishing:

4.1. Fishing from the shore in ponds, lakes, and rivers for freshwater fish.

4.2. Freshwater fish caught from the shore can vary by region, but is commonly bass with a range from small mouth and large mouth based on location and types of trout.