Mrs. Woods Mobile Apps

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Mrs. Woods Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mrs. Woods Mobile Apps

1. Creative Aspects

1.1. adobe spark- draw, create and explore

1.2. Lensoo Create- for use with Math problems with symbols and graphs that are easier to draw

1.3. Animoto- presentations with music

2. Content

2.1. Sybaloo-classroom link organizer

2.2. Scholar-study questions for content

2.3. Nearpod- engagement platform to which videos, content and communication can be accessed.

3. Opportunities

3.1. Kahoot!| Learning Games | Make Learning Awesome!- find tests or make your own.

3.2. Google Drive- access to forms, slides and docs for testing all purposes

3.3. Socrative Student- teacher created quizzes. exit tickets, polls, and space races

4. Extended Knowlege

4.1. Khan Academy- 7th grade Math aligns with Eureka Math and can access any subject

4.2. Photo Math: Math superpowers for every student- for graphing, expresssions, equations, solve problems interactive

4.3. Google Earth- distance project with destination