Critical Reasoning

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Critical Reasoning by Mind Map: Critical Reasoning

1. Evaluate

1.1. stem

1.1.1. evaluate/judge/assess

1.2. method

1.2.1. classify argument strengthen weaken

1.2.2. use Yes/no tip to select best answer choice

2. Boldface

2.1. Type 1

2.1.1. P - premise

2.1.2. C - Conclusion

2.1.3. X: counter premise/additional premise;/counter conclusion/ sub conclusion/background information

3. Argument

3.1. strengthen argument

3.1.1. Strengthen stem support/help/justify method 1. identify conclusion 2. assess each answer choice whether weaken, over subject or strengthen 3. use negate tool in case considering 2 options

3.1.2. Assumption stem assume/presuppose/unless method negate answer choices

3.1.3. must be true stem if the statement above are true/correct which one follow must be true/most supported/infer from passage/ method paraphrased stimulation combination of statement in stimuli correct answer choice must be result inferred from the stimulus

3.1.4. Paradox steam " which one of the following, if true" resolve,explain,reconcile paradox,discrepancy,contradiction,conflict method find the cause of the situation hint for incorrect choice some,

3.2. weaken argument

3.2.1. Weaken stem weaken/undermine/attack/refute/cast doubt/challenge/counter/call into question/damage method attack conclusion

3.2.2. Flaw stem flaw/vulnerable/fallacious method find error of reasoning in stimulus eliminate incorrect in answer choices