Tornado: First Elementary School

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Tornado: First Elementary School by Mind Map: Tornado: First Elementary School

1. Primary Interventions: Reduce exposure to risk factors

1.1. Be aware of potential hazards in the school.

1.2. Have personal protective equipment handy.

1.3. Know shelter locations ("United states department of labor," n.d.).

1.3.1. Away from windows, doors, and outside walls

1.3.2. Small interior room or hallway

1.3.3. Lowest floor possible

1.3.4. Center of the room

1.3.5. Avoid rooms with flat, wide-span roofs (Ex: cafeteria and gymnasium)

1.4. Communicate.

1.4.1. Know backup communication methods

1.4.2. Know how staff will be alerted

1.5. Be prepared to cooperate with others ("United states department of labor," n.d.).

1.5.1. Assign duties in advance

1.5.2. Have checklist for responsibilities

1.5.3. Practice plans before emergency

1.6. Have a way to account for everyone present.

2. Secondary Interventions: Prevent injury after exposure

2.1. Calm the students down

2.2. Triage students

2.2.1. Immediate care

2.2.2. Supportive care

2.3. Keep everyone in one location

2.4. Consider water contamination

2.5. Delegate jobs to uninjured adults who can assist

2.6. Communicate with first responders

2.6.1. Who is still missing?

2.6.2. Who has the most pressing injuries?

2.6.3. Where are bodies of the deceased students?

2.7. Take attendance

3. Tertiary Interventions: Prevent death after injury

3.1. Secure mental health support for yourself.

3.2. Provide mental health support to staff and students

3.3. Assess individual long term health needs

3.4. Educate families on available resources for further assistance

3.5. Provide safety education (Jafari, Shahsanai, Memarzadeh, & Loghmani, 2011).

3.5.1. Water Preparation

3.5.2. Sanitation

3.5.3. Food Preperation