American Political Science Review

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American Political Science Review by Mind Map: American Political Science Review

1. How to verify the facts of American foreign policy?

1.1. Through examination of political acts permormed

1.2. Approaching historical reality with a rational outline.

1.3. Putting ourselves in a specific situation under certain circumstances, rationalizing the possible, likely to choose alternatives as a statesman.

2. History of Modern Political Thought

2.1. Two different conceptions of the nature men,society and politics:

2.2. It believes that a rational and moral political order can be achieved with universally abstract concepts. It trusts in the education reform and use of force to fix social failures, analizing the maliability of human nature as a way of improvement.

2.2.1. It believes that the world, as imperfect asi it is, can´t be changed, but those inherent forces can be something with which you can work with.

3. Scientific Theories

3.1. An attempt to bring order and meaning to an specific phenomena, which would be discretited without it.

3.2. How to refute them?

3.2.1. Producing a superior theory or demostrate that the facts that are supossed to lead that theory have had a different interpretation.

3.2.2. Historically, facts do not support a revision of American diplomatic story that wants to substitute the "coordinate state" for power politics. The principle of the Coordinate State (federalism in international relations) Declarations of statestmen as evidence of the politics pursued Statesmen wont to speak of the equal dignity regardless of wealth, size, culture, power. Freedom, dignity and peace of all nations would be assured. The importance of the distribution of political power for federalism as a measure of equality, separated from the politics.

4. What does support its foreign policy?

4.1. The way American statesmen have spoken about it

4.2. The legal fiction of the "coordinate state"

4.3. An emotional urge to justify it based on humanitarian and pacific terms

5. American Tradition in Foreign Policy

5.1. Not warranted by the facts of American history, but still being argued. Americans won´t be reconciled to power politics and its balnace. They will support policies based upon abstract moral concepts.

6. The National Interest

6.1. One is logically required and necessary, te other one depends of the variable circumstances.

6.2. It can be overcomed through the promotion in concert of the national interest of a number of nations.

6.3. All the cross currents of personalities, public opinion, sectional interests, partisan politics,are brought to bear upon their determination.

6.4. Science contribution is limited.

6.5. Their legitimacy must be defined by possible usurpation, by subnational, othernational interests.(Usurpation can derive in our time from: religious bodies and international organization, because of the church and state all time competition. )

6.6. It assumes continuous conflict and thread of war.