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Digital creativity by Mind Map: Digital creativity
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Digital creativity


Movie editing

Audio editing

Image editing

Website design



Google sketch up




2design and make

Google sketchup

Website - Teacher Guide:


Article - Europe simulates total cyber war:


Infographic - CSI Infographic: Website - Cloth simulation: Website - Live air traffic: Website - Live air traffic: Website - build your own Kaleidoscope: Website - Live marine traffic: App - Build a squid:

Platform Wars

Article - Free MIT simulation has students complete as video game moguls:

Lesson ideas

Hot Air Balloon

Parking simulator

Game creation

Programming to solve problems

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking in the curriculum: 5 tools for quickly hosting online brainstorming sessions: - Lateral thinking skills:

Voice Thread

Video - why use voicethread: - 26 interesting ways to use voicethread in the classroom:

Comic Books / Books