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Pointr app by Mind Map: Pointr app

1. Chat

2. Start

2.1. Users

2.1.1. Me Call myself

2.1.2. Recent Call to recent Search

2.1.3. DLC Call on glasses Search

2.1.4. Pointr Search Call to

2.1.5. Import from contacts

2.2. Keypad

2.2.1. add with phone number

2.3. Settings

2.3.1. User settings Other Advanced user settings Email Verify email Email field Status field License Check license Owner field Status field User interface disable tooltips button Go back

2.3.2. Video settings Camera Input field Camera rotation Flip sideways Go back

2.3.3. Audio Settings Audio modes Push to talk Mute Speaker Mute microphone Playback Speaker options Speaker volume boost Recording Microphone options Microphone boost Go back

2.3.4. Network settings Analyse network Go back

2.3.5. Send feedback

2.4. Exit

3. Swap the stream

3.1. User 1

3.2. User 2

3.3. User 3

3.4. User 4

4. tools

4.1. screen capture (play button)

4.2. screenshot

4.3. share screeenshot

4.4. pointer elements

4.4.1. Symbols Pencil (draw) Erase Text Tip pointer Arrow pointer Positive pointer Negative pointer Question pointer Circle pointer Target pointer Right pointer Left pointer Good pointer

4.4.2. Color Red Green Blue White Black

4.4.3. Size

4.5. Undo