Sustainable development

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Sustainable development by Mind Map: Sustainable  development

1. Introduction

2. Terminology

2.1. sustainable

2.2. sustainable development

2.3. sustainability

3. genesis

3.1. Historical Roots

4. Modern Milestones

4.1. the starting up period (until the end of the 1970s)

4.2. the stagnation period (1980-1986)

4.3. a period with major achievements (1987-1995)

4.4. a period of decline (1996- onwards).

5. Fundamental Sustainability Principles

5.1. the normativity principle

5.2. the equity principle

5.2.1. inter-generational equity

5.2.2. intra-generational equity

5.2.3. geographical equity

5.2.4. procedural equity

5.2.5. interspecies equity

5.3. the integration principle

5.3.1. This is pernicious

5.4. the dynamism principle

6. Mainstream Sustainability Views

6.1. Our Common Future

6.1.1. two definations nominal definition or mission statement operational definition

6.1.2. two key concepts the concept of ‘needs’ development

6.1.3. the operational definition

6.1.4. eight critical and interrelated objectives reviving growth changing the quality of growth meeting essential needs for jobs, food, energy, water, and sanitation ensuring a sustainable level of population conserving and enhancing the resource base reorienting technology and managing risk merging environment and economics in decision making reorienting international economic relations

6.2. Sustainability Models

6.2.1. triple bottom line people-planet-profit

6.2.2. Four pillar sustainability model Economic Environmental Institutional Social

6.2.3. Nested sustainability model

6.3. The Earth Charter

6.3.1. respect and care for the community of life

6.3.2. ecological integrity

6.3.3. social and economic justice

6.3.4. democracy, nonviolence, and peace

7. Conclusions

7.1. the normativity principle

7.2. the equity principle

7.3. the integration principle

7.4. the dynamism principle