Family Problem

task 2:family problem

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Family Problem by Mind Map: Family Problem

1. Probem situation:can you please stop talking mom?

2. members of the family is the one who can tell us if we are doing a bad things specially when you are having an arguement to your mother or to you parents. They will tell us if you are over the belt. also the member of your family is the on who will dicsipline you in this kind of situation.

3. If you are the one who started the arguement or misunderstanding you should the who wll apologize.

4. If we are having a arguement with our family make sure that the problem will not going to be worse as much as possible make things better and okay.Make sure that everyone will going to be responsible for everything.

5. Also,make sure that if you are talking to your parents or the one who is older than you make sure that you are going to respect them or make sure that you will use a appropriate words when talking to them.

6. the words that we are going to convey should be appropriate so that there will be no misunderstanding and argument will going to happen.

7. parts that make up the system: having this kind of situation you will learn lot of things specially on respecting people.Faith,trust,respect if we have this we will have a better/good relationship with or family.

8. If you have a argument or misunderstanding with your family make sure that you will make things clear and you will talk to each other to solve it.

9. gaps: if we will let our pride stand then problem won't be solve.also if you will not show respect to each other.