Impact of ASD diagnosis on families

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Impact of ASD diagnosis on families by Mind Map: Impact of ASD diagnosis on families

1. Initial impact

1.1. Grief

1.2. Shock

1.2.1. Disbelief Loss

1.3. Fear

1.3.1. What will people think?

1.4. Loneliness

1.5. Guilt

1.5.1. What have I done wrong?

1.6. Uncertaintity

1.6.1. What is ASD?

1.6.2. Can ASD be cured?

1.7. Overwhelmed

1.7.1. What do I do?

1.8. Confused

1.9. Anxiety

2. Long term impacts

2.1. Relationships

2.1.1. Stress Lack of extended family support Lack of understanding by friends and family Marriage break up

2.1.2. Time poor Not having time for all the family Not having time to yourself Siblings feeling left out or unsupported

2.1.3. Guilt Family breakdown Feeling like you haven't done enough

2.2. Stress

2.2.1. Ongoing advocacy for their child at school and in the community

2.3. Isolation

2.3.1. Other people not understanding ASD

2.4. Acceptance

2.4.1. Relief/understanding Opportunities love and pride Education Support New ideas Growth

2.5. Money stress

2.5.1. Having to work part time

2.5.2. Having to fund intervention or extra support