Product Code Request

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Product Code Request by Mind Map: Product Code Request

1. Non-purchasable

2. If customer order you can open the code to allow the PO to be completed and then close it again once paperwork complete to avoid future purchases

3. No - Advise staff as to why you are rejecting the request and give alternative if possible.

4. If yes, form not stricly needed but Cost, retail price, supplier code and barcode all needs to be correct

5. Advise staff on alternative product/ why request rejected

6. Send the form to Abi

7. Staff need to complete the product request form and all boxes need to be complete

8. No

9. Yes

10. Can't find it? (Cancelled or New)

11. Search for a duplicate or similar product Use PRO - No.4

12. No duplicates found - Are we buying from best supplier? Do we really need it?

13. Use PRO No.4 - Is the supplier they want to buy it from on? if not why? Is there any duplicate codes being used instead of the one they found?

14. Supplier is okay and no duplicate

15. Check current stock STY No.2

16. Stock - Transfer if possible

17. No Stock - Check STW No.5 to investigate why it is non - purchasable

18. Do we really need it?