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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. 1. Analyse

1.1. What is the goal of training? Why train? Who is the audience? What is the change in behaviour I am trying to achieve? Are there any learning constraints? Are there any knowledge gaps? What is the timeline and duration for training?

1.1.1. How can we improve the situation and achieve business goals through training?

1.1.2. Meet with stakeholders including project or product owners

1.1.3. Check statistics if available on whether there is a knowledge gap

1.1.4. When should training be delivered?

2. 2. Design

2.1. Translate the analyse into a learning objective(s) What is the desired behaviour, condition and standard? What is the delivery method? What is the structure and sequence of the program? How will it be assessed? How will feedback be gathered?

2.1.1. Create a project brief

2.1.2. Create a timeline

2.1.3. Create a story board

2.1.4. Set up a process for development

2.1.5. Set up process for UAT

2.1.6. What is the cost and who is paying?

3. 3. Development

3.1. Create assets Select graphics, colours, fonts Test

3.1.1. Start getting creative!

3.1.2. Engage graphic or multi media designers

3.1.3. Test designs and functionality

3.1.4. Consider copyright

4. 4. Implementation

4.1. Training procedures for facilitators Training procedures for learners

4.1.1. Prepare training documentation like session plans, facilitator kits, support guides

4.1.2. Run some practice sessions

5. 5. Evaluation

5.1. Formative feedback at each stage Summative feedback - test the design User testing

5.1.1. Did we meet the goals?

5.1.2. Gather and interpret data

5.1.3. Request feedback from both learners and trainers

5.1.4. Where there any gaps that were not considered?