Legal framework intergovernmental relations

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Legal framework intergovernmental relations by Mind Map: Legal framework intergovernmental relations

1. Intergovernmental Relations are a instrument of improvement in the chores of the government

2. Intergovernmental coordination

2.1. synchronization and unification of actions to provide adequate quality, opportunity and direction

3. Article 3

3.1. Federation, States and Municipalities they will teach preschool, primary education and secondary education education services

4. Article 21 and 73

4.1. attend public safety

5. Coordination implies the presence of the duality of instances or spaces of power

5.1. that are tied in common objectives: the coordinating factor and the common interest itself

6. There is a distribution of powers that states the Political Constitution of the States United Mexicans

6.1. There are shared faculties in certain areas and actions executed by government instances

6.1.1. Examples education subject, human settlements, agrarian affairs and health

7. The help of the authorities

7.1. derives in that

7.1.1. The Constitution expressly states that the state government assists the federal government,

8. Student : Johana Montcerrat Hernandez Perez

9. Federal Regulatory Laws

9.1. they have the characteristic of being of public order and social interest

9.2. are executed with coordination, collaboration or concurrence of

9.2.1. Federal entities, municipalities, public, social and private sector,

10. Legal basis

10.1. In the Political Constitution of the States United Mexicans

10.1.1. Regulatory public affairs laws:

11. Article 4

11.1. Federation and federative entities for health and social assistance services

12. Articles 73, 115 and 116

12.1. concurrence in matters of human settlements and conurbations

13. Article 73

13.1. protection of environment