Japanese etiquettes presentation

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Japanese etiquettes presentation by Mind Map: Japanese etiquettes presentation

1. Structure

1.1. Gia Hy

1.1.1. Making a brief introduction about Japan culture and how important is etiquettes in Japan.

1.1.2. Talking about what are greeting etiquettes, how to use greeting etiquettes, when to use them and who to you with.

1.2. Yen Nhi

1.2.1. Presenting about dining etiquette

1.2.2. Introducing an overview about Business communication styles

1.3. My Tran

1.3.1. Mentioning what to avoid during communication process

1.3.2. Making conclusion for the presentation

2. Goals

2.1. Eyes contact must be performed

2.2. Fluence presenting

2.3. Appropriate and advanced vocab

2.4. Informative presentations along with pictures for illustrations

3. Members' tasks

3.1. Gia Hy

3.1.1. Writing presentation script for the team

3.1.2. Examining all information finished by members

3.2. Yen Nhi

3.2.1. Making research about Japanese etiquettes

3.2.2. Slide designings

3.3. My Tran

3.3.1. Looking for illustration images

3.3.2. Slide designing