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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. 5. Evaluate

1.1. Identify feedback criteria (engagement, motivation, outcomes)

1.2. Identify tools/techniques to collect feedback (surveys, interviews and focus groups)

1.3. Gather feedback from various stakeholders (teaching staff, students and senior management)

1.4. Use feedback gathered from this stage to inform analyze stage (as its an iterative process)

1.5. Output: Evaluation report and suggested changes for future

2. 1. Analyze

2.1. identify learner characteristics

2.2. consider prior knowledge

2.3. identify available resources

2.4. purpose of training

2.5. identify learning outcomes of qualification/program

2.6. learning environment options (online, classroom or blended)

2.7. Learning constraints

2.8. Pedagogical constraints

2.9. Timelines of project completion

2.10. Output :Training needs analysis and training plan

3. 2. Design

3.1. identify different types of media to be used, appropriate for subject/discipline

3.2. levels and type of activities (collaborative or interactive)

3.3. Mapping different activities to learning goals

3.4. Feedback mechanisms

3.5. Document project strategy (instructional, technical and visual elements)

3.6. Create storyboards

3.7. Create prototype

3.8. Write learning objectives

3.9. Identify topics and specify time spent on each topic/activity

3.10. Output: course design and storyboards/prototypes

4. 3. Develop

4.1. Monitor team progress

4.2. Prepare draft content and activities

4.3. Pilot/trial draft content and activities

4.4. Gather feedback from draft/develop

4.5. Revise, refine using feedback and produce final content

4.6. Develop training support materials for tutors such as lesson plans/schemes of work

4.7. Test navigation

4.8. Use of appropriate colour schemes and integration of media assets

4.9. Record/shoot expert comments/case study videos

4.10. Develop assessment tools/instruments

4.11. Output: Course content

5. 4. Implement

5.1. On-boarding training for tutors/instructors

5.2. Induction for students- how to use/navigate

5.3. Provide ongoing support for LMS integration and any technical issues

5.4. Output: Course live in LMS and students can studying and completing courses