Philip's ADDIE MindMap

Philip's Mindmap of the ADDIE model

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Philip's ADDIE MindMap by Mind Map: Philip's ADDIE MindMap

1. 5. Evaluate

1.1. Review success of of the developed learnings for improvement

1.1.1. Were the learning objectives and goals met

1.1.2. Gather feedback from stakeholders & add to next iteration

1.1.3. Identify any other/new requirements

2. 1. Analyse

2.1. A Training Needs Analysis & Plan Determine; Goals & Objectives, Learners existing knowledge Gaps in learners knowledge Learning environment

2.1.1. What are the overall objectives?

2.1.2. What do the learners want to achieve - set goal?

2.1.3. What do they already know - question, survey or test?

2.1.4. What are the resultant gaps in knowledge?

2.1.5. What learning platforms are available and familiar to learners?

2.1.6. Evaluate Analysis results

3. 2. Design

3.1. Determine the learning objectives and the approach and content required to achieve these. This should be systematic and specific

3.1.1. Set learning objectives and goals

3.1.2. Set the appropriate assessment/s

3.1.3. Structure the course content & lesson plan/s

3.1.4. Select supporting resources and media

3.1.5. Story-boarding and wire-framing of layout

3.1.6. Evaluate Design outcomes

4. 4. Implement

4.1. Delivery of the learning material to the learners

4.1.1. Deliver lesson content to learners

4.1.2. Use the formative assessments to inform or learner progress

4.1.3. Summative assessments determine how well learners have learnt

4.1.4. Evaluate effectiveness of learning from the learners - survey etc

5. 3. Develop

5.1. Gather the required resources and build the learning content

5.1.1. Produce any media, graphics required

5.1.2. Add content to delivery platform

5.1.3. Ensure navigation is effective

5.1.4. Review, test and revise content