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1. 1. Analysis

1.1. Conduct training needs analysis

1.1.1. Who needs the training? E.g Culinary Arts students

1.1.2. Why do they need the training? E.g To ensure a good presentation

1.1.3. What skills need to be learned? E.g Language skill, presentation skill

1.1.4. When will they need the new skills? E.g By the end of the unit

1.1.5. Where may the training be conducted? E.g Online, face-to-face

1.1.6. How may the new skills be taught? E.g Learn by doing, gamification

1.2. Determine training goals

1.2.1. E.g. Students can describe their favorite traditional food from their country

2. 2. Design

2.1. Identify course objectives, lesson plans, and topics

2.2. Choose delivery methods / media types

2.3. Use storyboards to visualise course structure and content

2.4. Choose assessment instruments

3. 3. Development

3.1. Create course materials

3.1.1. Graphics, colors, fonts

3.1.2. Detailed activities & exercises

3.2. Test how it works

3.2.1. Content accuracy Grammar Spelling Syntax

3.2.2. Navigation Flow Engagement

4. 4. Implementation

4.1. Upload to LMS

4.1.1. Content & Assessment

4.2. Train instructors

4.2.1. How to support learners

4.3. Register learners

4.3.1. Actual delivery

5. 5. Evaluation

5.1. Get feedback

5.1.1. Survey (formative)

5.1.2. Report (summative)

5.2. Make necessary changes