cultura y patrimonio. ANDRES GONZALEZ

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Tourism by Mind Map: Tourism

1. cultural fact

2. Where they can be exchanged

3. Knowledge and experience

4. therefore involves social interaction

5. from cultural heritage

6. tangible and immaterial

7. it's a tool

8. allows us to know and enjoy

9. Customs Traditions Languages scenic arts Festivities Rituals Beliefs folk dance Music

10. cultural tourism

11. deals with the culture of a country or region

12. areas such as

13. geography areas history your art Architecture Religions

14. motivating the

15. experience cultural diversity

16. immerse yourself in the culture of the region

17. heritage tourism

18. it's a leisure trip

19. with the main purpose of

20. visit attractions

21. Historical Cultural Natural Recreational

22. to learn more about the past in a pleasant way

23. nature tourism

24. based on the natural attractions of the area

25. as they are

26. birds photography camping hiking hunting fishing visiting parks

27. the extreperential tourists

28. they're interested in

29. diversity of natural and cultural resources

30. be immersed in an experience

31. natural Cultural Historical