Culture and heritage

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Culture and heritage by Mind Map: Culture and heritage


1.1. Biosphere reserve

1.2. Natural reserve

1.3. Natural parks

1.4. Natural monuments


2.1. intangible

2.1.1. Miths

2.1.2. Language

2.1.3. Custom

2.1.4. Legends

2.1.5. Religions

2.1.6. Music

2.2. Tangible

2.2.1. Piece of furniture Works of art and crafts Natural scientific collections Manuscripts Documents Historical artifacts Recordings Films Photographs

2.2.2. Property Cultural landscapes Artistic monuments Public Monuments Typical areas Architectural ensembles Monuments or historical sites Scientific Collections Historic centres Industrial centers and engineering works

2.3. Social interaction

2.4. Knowledge and experience

3. Heritage Tourism

4. Natural tourism