How Do Humans Affect the Environment?

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How Do Humans Affect the Environment? by Mind Map: How Do Humans Affect the Environment?

1. Population Explosion

1.1. chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides produce pollution

1.2. Removin trees causes habitat loss

1.3. Monoculture reduces biodiversity.

1.4. Large scale farming

2. Soil pollution

2.1. Pesticides, herbicides, large landfills, waste from food processing industries.

3. Water Pollution

3.1. Effluence from industries, fertilizer run off, and oils spills all damage fragile ecosystems.

4. Air Pollution

5. Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion

6. Ways People Are Affecting the Environment Positively

6.1. Selective Removal Invasive Species

6.2. Protecting Native Species

6.3. Controlling Wildfires

6.4. Replacing Industrial Food Systems With Permaculture

6.5. Cleaning Waterways

6.6. Reforestation Efforts

6.7. Finding Renewable Energy Sources

6.8. The Development of Local Food Sources

6.9. Using Technology to Reduce Pollution

6.10. we can help in a possitive way reciclyng, conservating water, gas and electricity