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ADDIE Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Model

1. Analyze

1.1. This is to make an analysis of the need and to determine the goals of training. The following problems could be solved in this step.

1.1.1. Who needs the training?

1.1.2. Why there is a need for training?

1.1.3. What skills or knowledge need to be learnt?

1.1.4. When and when to conduct the training?

2. Design

2.1. This is to translate the course goals into performance outcomes and course objectives. The following work need to be done in this step.

2.1.1. Clarify the learning objectives by specifying the behavior, condition and standard.

2.1.2. Determine the content and the time spent on each bar of knowledge or skills.

2.1.3. Create the resonable lesson plan.

2.1.4. Design the conductable activities and exercises to be used.

2.1.5. Identify assessment tools.

2.1.6. Select the suitable media.

3. Develop

3.1. This is to create actual contents based on the step of design, possibly a prototype to gather initial feedback. The following work need to be done in this step.

3.1.1. Prepare draft materials and activies.

3.1.2. Try out materials and activities with target audience members.

3.1.3. Modify, refine and produce materials and activities.

3.1.4. If needed, produce instructor training materials.

4. Implement

4.1. This is the process of the real, actual delivery of training. The following work need to be done in this step.

4.1.1. Conduct training

4.1.2. Help or support could be offered once needed

5. Evaluate

5.1. This is to assess the effectivenesses of the training comparing with the initial goals. It is strongly recommended to use Kirkpatrick's 4 Level Model of Evaluation.

5.1.1. Level 1: Did the participants react positively?

5.1.2. Level 2: Did the participants learn the skills?

5.1.3. Level 3: Did the participants' behavior change resulting from the training?

5.1.4. Level 4: Did the change in behavior affect the organization positively?