Victory's Daughter

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Victory's Daughter by Mind Map: Victory's Daughter

1. Lead Magnet

1.1. 3 Things No One Told You About Surviving Domestic Violence

1.1.1. Live Video Social Media

2. Thank You Notification

2.1. Thank you for making the decision to learn more about really surviving DV.

2.1.1. ? what can I create to offer here. Option for a free 3 session Victorious Survivor email training

3. 3 Email Training

3.1. DV is a thief

3.1.1. Identifying your stolen items What I'm doing to reclaim what was stolen from me. Option for Free Online Group Training

4. Live Event/Workshop

4.1. Stream/Video Available @ a cost

5. Online Training

5.1. Free to live attendees replay @ a cost