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The ant army by Mind Map: The ant army

1. Different ants

1.1. Worker

1.2. Queen ant

1.3. Bullet ants

2. Were they live

2.1. South America

2.2. Afirca

2.3. Asia

2.4. Underground

3. Different ants have different nets

4. Army ants are nomadic, Which means that they move from place searching food

5. A sense of smell

5.1. Like many other insects, most types of ants have poor eyesight.

5.2. They have compound eyes, Which are made up of thousands of tiny lenses.

6. What the eat

6.1. Seeds

6.2. Plants

6.3. And they drink water

7. Where would we be without ants

7.1. Without ants, many parts of the world would be overrun with other insects. Ants are used to control pests that attack farmers.

7.2. In some countries, ants are also to help control termites*, Which eat wood and damage peoples houses