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1. interrogative form

1.1. Auxiliary Did+Subject+Verb+ Complement

1.1.1. Did you do exercise in the gym?

2. negative form

2.1. Subject +Did not + Verb + Complement

2.1.1. They did not go to the church.

3. Affirmative form

3.1. Subject+Regular and Irregular Verb + Complement

3.1.1. She arrived from the airport at 8:00.

3.1.2. He saw a movie yesterday.

4. It is used for action that has already occured

5. structure

6. uses

6.1. Completed action in the past at a specific time

6.1.1. I traveled to japan last year

6.2. Series of completed action

6.2.1. I finished work, walked to the beach and found a nice place to swim.

6.3. Duration in the past

6.3.1. We talked on the phone for thirty minutes

6.4. Habits in the past

6.4.1. They never played the violin

6.5. Facts or generalization

6.5.1. people paid much money in the hall concert

6.5.2. He did not like tomatoes before