Site architecture

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Site architecture by Mind Map: Site architecture

1. Main page

1.1. about product+photo

1.2. Types of products+photo

2. About company

2.1. founding, location, benefits of our company+photo

2.2. activity, manufacturing process+photo

2.3. management of the company+photo

2.4. awards and certificates+photo

3. Contact us


3.1.1. registration Name telephone number e-mail send confirmation automaticaly set as login password "SEND" button automatically assigned ID

3.1.2. form for sending questions Name e-mail text of question "SEND" button


3.2.1. login login on the site password "LOG IN" button

3.2.2. ask for a phone call with Manager phone number select the reason of request describe the details "SEND" button

4. Tool for Managers

4.1. New Clients

4.1.1. Seve

4.1.2. Edit

4.1.3. Reject

4.2. New Requests

4.2.1. order number in the list

4.2.2. Question/Ask for call Answer reject Send

4.2.3. Name

4.2.4. Contacts

4.3. Clients

4.3.1. Client ID (assigned automatically)

4.3.2. Contacts (name, phone number, e-mail, adress) edit save

4.3.3. Masseges

4.3.4. All orders

4.4. Orders

4.4.1. № of order

4.4.2. date of order

4.4.3. status New Edit Save In progress Edit Save Send Edit Save Closed Edit Save

4.4.4. client ID

4.4.5. Create task fo Production Department Create Save Send Edit