The health controversies of parabens.

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The health controversies of parabens. by Mind Map: The health controversies of parabens.

1. Parabens have used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Their use in cosmetic consumer products is more prevalent than their utily elsewhere.

2. Parabens in human body through the skin and parenterally. The average daily total personal paraben exposure is estimated to be 76 mg, with cosmetics and care products accouting for 50 mg, 25 mg from pharmaceutical products, and 1 mg from food.

3. what is ?

3.1. Parabens are preservatives used in a variety of personal care, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. Studies have confirmed the ubiquitous presence of parabens, with levels detected in wastewater, rivers, soil and house dust

4. Consumen products and parabens

5. Parabens in the Enviroment

5.1. Parabens have found in urban streams into wich treated or untreated or untreated effluent fromm wastewater treatmer plants flows.

6. Parabens in the human body

7. Toxity and adverse effects of parabens

7.1. Human and animal studies have failed to show that parabens have any acute toxicity by various routes of administration. As such, many of the studies examining paraben toxicity have focused on the long them effects of chronic exposure.

8. Consumen products and parabens

8.1. Govemement regulstory boards have examides parabens and most have agreed that current concentrations of parabens are safe consumer use.

9. Alternatives of parabens

9.1. There are numerous preservatives that could be used of parabens. Some other commonly used preservatives include formaldehyde, quatemium-15, imidazolidiny urea, diazolidiny urea…