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Aapex Design Solutions by Mind Map: Aapex Design Solutions

1. Signature Pieces - The Definition of Sublime

2. Project Management

2.1. First Visit Free

3. Construction

3.1. Free Estimate

3.1.1. Cost saving initiatives and advice during the process of construction

4. 3D Rendering

4.1. Reasonable Prices attached to seeing your architectural vision come alive!

5. Design and Drawing

5.1. Free consultation

5.1.1. Sale on house plans for a limited time Complimentary Interior Layout Drawing Design and Drawing only (2 Free Site Visits during the Construction)

6. Email Sequence

6.1. Introduce Aapex (Who is Aapex, 10 + years industry experience, etc.)

6.1.1. What we do (Design, Drawing, 3D Rendering, Project Estimates, Construction, Selection, Purchase and Delivery of Material, Fixtures and Finishes), Project Management, Signature Pieces (The Definition of Sublime) Your vision Your Budget

7. Lead Magnet

7.1. 1. Detailed Construction Checklist for the first time property owner 2. Video on how you select a architectural designing and drawing firm

7.1.1. Social Media FB, Insta, LinkedIn, Video introducing Detailed Construction Checklist