Motion & Stability

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Motion & Stability by Mind Map: Motion & Stability

1. Forces

1.1. Gravity

1.1.1. Attractive Too small to observe

1.2. Electromagnetism

1.2.1. Attractive or repulsive Electric and magnetic fields Coulomb's law: Describes and predicts the effects of electrostatic forces

1.3. Nuclear interactions

1.3.1. Inside atomic nuclei Short-range interactions

2. Interactions

2.1. Static object

2.1.1. Multiple forces that sum to zero

2.2. Interacting objects

2.2.1. Newton's 3rd law: Equal and opposite force of objects interacting

2.2.2. Newton's 2nd law: Force = mass times acceleration

2.2.3. Momentum: Mass times velocity

3. Stability

3.1. Stable system

3.1.1. small change leads to forces that return system to prior state

3.1.2. relies on feedback mechanisms to maintain stability

3.2. Unstable system

3.2.1. small change leads to forces that increase that change

3.2.2. can be static