Marketplace Website Objectives

Website Objectives for Marketplace Website

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Marketplace Website Objectives by Mind Map: Marketplace Website Objectives

1. Mission Statement: "To be a leading Australian provider of quality electrical and furniture products and friendly, courteous, cost-effective and efficient service to all customers...

2. Business/Retail

2.1. Decrease both time and costs involved in satisfying customer requests

2.1.1. direct delivery?

2.1.2. deliver from different stores

2.1.3. reduce delay between order and delivery 5% delayed due to slow finance approvals reduce refunds due to severe delays change order processing to handle part orders track delays

2.2. Lead in the sale of locally made products

2.3. Introduce electronic transations

2.4. Offer products cheaper than our competitors

2.5. retain share of regional market

2.6. Provide constant monitoring of sales statistics and other indicators

3. Marketing

3.1. Expand marketing base through internet

3.2. Expand links with accommodation industry

3.3. SEO important

3.4. Emphasize benefits to remote/rural customers as well as:

3.4.1. house-bound

3.4.2. those w/out transport

3.4.3. busy people

3.4.4. shift workers

3.4.5. parents of young children

3.5. media personality advertising

3.5.1. live broadcast

3.5.2. chat facility with "Better Homes and Gardens"

3.6. Advertise products

3.6.1. Online cataglogues

4. client

4.1. Provide a well managed and safe workplace for all employees

5. Key success factors

5.1. Extensive purchasing network

5.2. Regular Customer Benefits

5.3. Modern Computer Networks

5.4. Effective Advertising

5.5. New Business Development

5.6. Stable Management