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Cells by Mind Map: Cells

1. cell theory

1.1. all living things are composed of one or more cells.

1.2. cells are the basic units of structure and function in an organism

1.3. cells only come from the reproduction of other cells

2. (basic)Types

2.1. Animal

2.1.1. Eukaryotic cells that have a true nucleus no cell wall or self sustainability

2.2. Plant

2.2.1. Eukaryotic cells that have a true nucleus cell wall and self sustainability

2.3. Bacterial

2.3.1. prokaryotes cells where the DNA just floats around the cytoplasm

3. numerical(organisms)

3.1. unicellular

3.2. multicellular

4. Make up

4.1. membrane

4.1.1. a plasma wall that allows the selective passage of objects in and out of the cells

4.2. organelles, little organs found in cells that help the cells survive

4.3. cytoplasm

4.3.1. a jelly like substance that conducts chemical reactions within the cells

4.4. cell wall(plant)

4.4.1. a supporting structure with holes to let objects pass through

4.5. vacuole

4.5.1. the water source of a cell

4.6. Chloroplasts

4.6.1. Containers of chlorophyll which allows the photosynthesis of plant cells in turn creating food(sugar) for the plant