Urn Project

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Urn Project by Mind Map: Urn Project

1. Product arrives at port (Deadline: January 15th)

1.1. Pay Final order payment (70%)

2. GO LIVE (Deadline: March 1st)

2.1. Product arrives at US port (Deadline: February 25th)

2.2. Product arrives at fulfilment centre (Deadline: March 1st)

3. Branding (Deadline: Friday 20th November)

3.1. Aquire Specialist (Deadline: Friday 20th November)

3.1.1. SquadHelp / 99 Designs Capital contribution ($800)

3.1.2. Logo (Deadline: Friday 20th November)

3.1.3. Name (Deadline: Monday 21st Sep)

3.1.4. Packaging (Deadline: Friday 20th November) M.G Packaging Company

3.1.5. Insert card (Deadline: Friday 20th November)

3.2. Create Website(Deadline: Friday 27th November)

4. Patent/Legal docs (Deadline: Friday 11th Sep)

4.1. Amanda Clarkson

4.1.1. Aquire Importing Mastery course

4.2. Eric Karich

4.2.1. Explore options RE Patents

5. Create Shipment Plan (Deadline: December 7th)

5.1. Seller central

5.1.1. Confirm EVERY specification of product Product dimensions (after packaged) Weight Barcode

6. Create Listing (Deadline: January 30th)

6.1. Professional Photos (Deadline: January 25th)

6.1.1. Capital contribution ($300)

6.2. Keywords (Deadline: January 25th)

6.2.1. Title

6.2.2. Description

6.3. Upload Images to listing (Deadline: January 30th)

7. Initial Order (Deadline: December 1st)

7.1. Finalised product (Deadline: December 1st)

7.1.1. Down payment (30%)

7.2. Sourcing Agent

7.2.1. Aquire Factory inspector

7.2.2. Aquire Freight Forwarder

8. Samples (Deadline: Friday 20th November)

8.1. Order Samples (Deadline: Friday 20th November)

8.1.1. Capital contribution ($500)

9. Find Supplier

9.1. Aquire Sourcing Agent (Deadline: Wednesday 9th Sep)

9.1.1. Alan (M.G Referral) Have final design confirmed Meet with Sarah from Insight Resources

9.1.2. Upwork All specifications of product

10. Aquire Capital

10.1. Legal docs completed

10.1.1. Create A.G.E Bank account Capital Contribution (M.G)

10.1.2. Create OFX account

11. Complete Master Keyword list (Deadline: 1st August)

11.1. Aquire Brandon Young Course (Capital contribution ($400)

11.2. Meet with Clay Younkin

11.2.1. Monday 22nd