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Game Trading Web Application by Mind Map: Game Trading Web Application

1. Personas

1.1. Geoff Jeff

1.1.1. Age 16

1.1.2. Gender: Male

1.1.3. Relationship: Single

1.1.4. Hobbies: Gaming, Coding

1.1.5. Likes: Brussels Sprouts, Celery, Cabbage, Brocoli

1.1.6. Favourite Show/Movie: Kimi No Na Wa

1.1.7. Favourite Song: Older (Nightcore Version)

1.2. Chris P. Bacon

1.2.1. Age: 16

1.2.2. Gender: Male

1.2.3. Relationship: Single

1.2.4. Hobbies; Gaming, cooking, modelling etc.

1.2.5. Likes: Gaming ( the superior console (XBOX))

1.2.6. Favorite show: Stranger Things and anything Sci-fi

1.2.7. Favorite song: basically anything techno or by Daft Punk

1.3. Bob Promethean

1.3.1. Age: 16

1.3.2. Gender: Male

1.3.3. Relationship: Single

1.3.4. Hobbies: Video Games, Books, Movie, Music

1.3.5. Likes: Chocolates and Cookies

1.3.6. Dislikes: Beans and Pickles

1.3.7. Favourite Movie: Avengers: Endgame

1.3.8. Favourite Song: Counting Stars


2.1. Recommended Retail Price (RRP)

2.2. XBOX

2.3. PlayStation 4 (PS4)

2.4. Nintendo Switch

2.5. PC

2.6. E3

2.7. Nintendo 3DS

2.8. PlayStation 3 (PS3)

2.9. XBOX 360

2.10. Nintendo Wii

2.11. Nintendo DS

2.12. PlayStation Portable (PSP)

3. Ideas

3.1. Gaming Platform

3.2. Dating Website

3.3. Game Tips Website

3.4. Comic Books

3.5. Trading Card Games

3.6. Sibling Disposal

3.7. Online Chat for Lonely Gamers

3.8. Board Games



4.2. Games can be traded, bought or sold on this cite.

4.3. It has a subscription fee for those who want to sell items on the cite. But if someone wants to trade/swap/but items then the service is free.

5. Profit

5.1. To make money the owner/CEO of the website would need to take a 'cut' of the profit gained from every sale.

5.2. Preferably, the website would claim up to 15% of the total profit on every sale depending on the overall profit.

5.3. When a customer uses the website, all services are free of charge except for our non negotiable fixed fee (15%) depending on the overall profit.

5.4. When a customer spends over a certain amount of money (perhaps $100) shipping becomes free of charge since the price of the shipping would either be covered by the large price tag or be added to the overall statement.

6. UI

6.1. Seller Interface

6.1.1. Tony

6.1.2. Option/ Button to sell an Item

6.1.3. Upload Photo of Item being Sold

6.1.4. Write a description (500 words) of item

6.1.5. Ask user for selling price

6.1.6. Terms and Agreements: 15% of the price of the item goes to us

6.1.7. Ask for quantity of item user is selling

6.1.8. To sell products you must have a subscription to 'Games Net' and pay $12.98 a month.

6.2. Buyer Interface

6.2.1. Ojas

6.2.2. The interface will have tabs that convey different commands for the user to use in deciding what to purchase.

6.2.3. The buyer interface is made up of the buying #1 page and buying #2 page. These pages both work in consecutive order which means that the user starts on buying page #1 and then moves to buying page #2.

6.2.4. These buying pages were created through inspiration found on local retail websites such as JB HI-FI.

6.3. Search Interface

6.3.1. Ty

6.3.2. There will be a universal search bar that can organize products by filtering results by genre, platform, price etc.

6.3.3. Includes home page Which will include what the Hottest items are, what is suggested for the user (uses previous browsing history/buying history on the site) and what the user has viewed recently.

6.3.4. Includes filters (to filter in and out specific genres, consoles and price ranges.