My Self after graduation

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My Self after graduation by Mind Map: My Self after graduation

1. Skills Learned

1.1. breaking down game ideas into discrete, functional, and logical systems

1.2. ability to learn how interactive forms, media types, programming languages, and organizational structures can be combined to create professional technology-based projects.

1.3. structure of game-industry teams and how different tools are used in team environments.

1.4. create game design documentation, simulate using spreadsheets, brainstorm effectively, and present ideas in a group setting.

1.5. interpret the world through a variety of scientific concepts

1.6. JavaScript

1.7. Unity Engine

1.8. procedural logic and linear thinking

1.9. techniques used to deconstruct, reproduce, and improve existing games based on a thorough analytical process

1.10. survey, develop, and employ unique, team-specific communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution techniques

2. Audience

2.1. Game Companies

2.1.1. Small and Large Story-driven games

2.2. Human Resources

3. My Degree- Bachelor in Game Design

3.1. Game Mechanics

3.2. Game Balancing

3.3. Prototyping

3.3.1. Game built with team Test said game

4. What I offer

4.1. Game ideas that are not just between good and evil, more gay area and moral dilemmas

4.2. Willing to work with anyone and be a leader or just part of the team