ADDIE A Course and Curriculum Design Model Explained

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ADDIE A Course and Curriculum Design Model Explained by Mind Map: ADDIE  A Course and Curriculum Design Model Explained

1. Analyse

1.1. Who is the audience? What does the audience already know? What is the training venue? What are the time constraints? When will the student need to apply this learning?

1.1.1. Actions: Gather information from registrar or student surveys given during sign-up Collate student needs and wants for the course Determine geographic location of as many students as possible

2. Design

2.1. What are the objectives? What are the desired learning outcomes? What is the primary venue for housing the course materials? Design a prototype of the course Storyboard the course

2.1.1. Identify standards or outcomes course will be aligned with Determine any big picture activities or projects Mind-map or storyboard chapters, topics, segments, etc... Confirm the course enviornment, LMS, etc..

3. Develop

3.1. Build the course Secure materials Trial the course with sample students Adjust/Adapt/Refine the course content

3.1.1. Create a sandbox within the LMS and invite trusted users or students to view Use feedback to adjust and modify the course based on sample users responses Collect any resources needed to build the course

4. Implement

4.1. Launch your course Monitor course development Support Learners as needed

4.1.1. Contact students to launch the course Support the instructors as the course progresses

5. Evaluate

5.1. Collect feedback from students Identify areas for refinement and growth

5.1.1. Design and collect feedback from students and instructors Use said feedback to revise the course content Use the LMS analytics to determine course strengths and weaknesses