Static Equilibrium

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Static Equilibrium by Mind Map: Static Equilibrium

1. The sum of forces acting on an object must be zero

2. Definition

2.1. An object is said to be in static when the forces and torques acting on it are in equilibrium

2.2. Torque is a measure of how much a force acting on an object causing that object to rotate

3. Conditions

3.1. The sum of torques acting on an object, as calculated about any axis, must be zero

3.2. Book at rest ; When acceleration is zero, total force is also zero. Gravitational Force and Normal Force balance each other. The book is in equilibrium.

4. Simple Application

4.1. Balancing a seesaw

4.2. Hinged beam and cable

5. Difficult Application

5.1. Ladder leaning against a wall

6. Application on the Human Body

6.1. Muscles and joints