Story of mother of two daughters

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Story of mother of two daughters by Mind Map: Story of mother of two daughters

1. Charlotte is not permitted to wash tables, the only thing that made her feel useful.

2. Overhear coworkers talk about going somewhere after work. Nobody invited Charlotte.

3. she is mainstreamed but has a SpEd teacher to help make the accomodations she requires

3.1. Longing to have a boy hold her hand and walk her to class

3.1.1. Stacy having to walk through hallways of couples making out

4. Stacy's internal conflict with being dropped off at the Transition Room (the Special Education room for those who have mental disabilities.

5. Family

5.1. Stacy - 16

5.1.1. Cerebral palsy caused by premature birth Uses walker most of the time. Has a scooter for long distances High school junior with aide Best friend from elementary and middle school drifted apart Special education teacher patronizes her. Longs for a romantic relationship

5.2. Mother - Charlotte Ansley

5.2.1. Cerebral palsy caused by umbilical cord

5.3. Works at a daycare as a volunteer

5.4. Maria - 7

5.4.1. Hangs out in armchair in living room or on living room floor

5.4.2. Nonverbal tube fed, assumed to be mentally disabled

5.5. Father served in the military and died

6. Chapter one

6.1. In heaven, their guardian angels are talking about them

6.1.1. Satan taking over public schools

6.1.2. I

6.2. Has a girlfriend when they meet

7. Chapter two

7.1. Girls get ready for first day school

7.1.1. Auntie lives with them to help out and she gets Maria ready for school

7.1.2. As Stacy gets ready for school, she is contemplating the first day Asking God why boys were not interested her. Impatient to see her friend she met last semester. Looking at her schedule that was mailed to her

7.1.3. Mother wakes up at 4:45 goes into Maria's bedroom at 6 with auntie to wake her up Makes sure Stacy is up at 5AM talks to her while auntie changes her diaper and gets her in her wheelchair antie tubefeeds Maria and puts her AFOs on

8. Chapter? Stacy's day of high school (written from her guardian angel's POV)

8.1. Stacy's internal conflict about how to handle interaction with her special education teacher

8.1.1. SpEd teacher treats her like an elementary school kid

8.2. Setup for Stacy’s first “boyfriend

9. Chapter? Mom at work

9.1. Children ran up to greet her

9.1.1. pours cereal for herself, Stacy, and Auntie

9.2. Charlotte does not get to have any responsibility and it's the first day of school

9.2.1. Daycare started so there's nothing for her to do

9.2.2. Goes to talk to her boss who tells her that he does not give her responsibility because her main job is to love on the kids

10. Stacy’s boyfriend

10.1. Offers to be her secret boyfriend

10.2. Breaks up with girlfriend after touching Stacy

10.3. Will not respect Stacy’s limíts

11. Charlotte meets a man

11.1. Charlotte gets fired

11.1.1. the reason cited is that he is devorced

11.1.2. boss gives her an ultimatum - break up or get fired

11.2. dinner date - leave kids with caregiver

12. every other chapter is written from the angels point of view