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NWTI 2009 by Mind Map: NWTI 2009
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NWTI 2009

3. Create Staff Development Component-OC

*Professional dev plan template

*Staff as trainer policies/procedures

"Train the trainer" curriculum

Outline core curriculum for all staff

Make Training Opportunities Calendar

Draft Conflict of Interest Policy

Staff discount guidelines?

2. Re-Develop Infrastructure

Planning Tools




4. Establish Community Partnerships

Define Partnership Objecitves

Select 3-5 to Explore


Write Co-Branding and Marketing Guidelines

Partnership Discounts

*1. Offer and Improve Community Courses

*Marketing Plan

Revise contractor system

Establish accredidation process

Executive Education

Regular Half/Whole Day Courses

5. Convene Conferences/Special Events

*Need to plan at least 9mths in advance

Topic >Non-Profit Development

Topic > Weatherization

Topic > Early Learning

Topic > Customer Service

6. Re-Develop Technical Tools for One-Time Contracts

Assessment Tool



Service Delivery

Evaluation/Follow Up

*Current Conversations