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Research by Mind Map: Research

1. Quantitative method

1.1. numerical data

1.2. statistical analysis

1.3. large data, quick, relatively low cost

1.4. lacking details and in-depth research data

1.5. e.g questionnaires, surveys and polls

2. Qualitative method

2.1. descriptive information and detailed insight of phenomenon

2.2. more personal access to data

2.3. engage and communicate with the target audience

2.4. provide depth and detailed information

2.5. difficult to interpret data, it takes more time and preparation

2.6. e.g interviews, life histories

3. Participatory Research Method

3.1. collaborative research method

3.2. high level of participation of the community and shared-ownership over the research

3.3. field observation, oral communication, and visualisation techniques

3.4. promotes co-learning and flexibility

3.5. real and tangible solutions

3.6. can be constrained by linguistic competencies, communication skills and social capital

3.7. e.g interview, focus group discussion and visualisations (matrices, maps)