Biological Vs Humanistic

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Biological Vs Humanistic by Mind Map: Biological Vs Humanistic

1. Biological

1.1. Key beliefs

1.1.1. Natural Selection / Evolution

1.1.2. Genetics

1.1.3. Determinism

1.2. Determinants of behaviour

1.2.1. Factor's out of one's control eg. environment, genetics, hormones

1.3. Personality change

1.3.1. Changed through medication through environment change

1.4. Usefulness of theory

1.4.1. Pros Scientifically tested and support with evidence eg Brain scans, open brain surgery Clear predictions eg. neurotransmitters Comparative Nature vs Nurture

1.4.2. Cons Too deterministic Underestimate the complexity of human behavior Doesn’t recognize cognitive processes Neglects childhood and social environment

2. Humanistic

2.1. Key beliefs

2.1.1. People have free will

2.1.2. People are good, and want to improve

2.2. Determinants of behaviour

2.2.1. Conscious more important phenomenological

2.3. Personality change

2.3.1. Personality flexible

2.3.2. Acceptance and unconditional love Congruent and healthy self

2.4. Usefulness of theory

2.4.1. Pros Shifted focus of behavior to the individual can gain a better insight more holistic view values personal ideals and self-fulfillment

2.4.2. Cons Ignores biology subjective concepts consciousness and emotion difficult to study lack of empirical evidence Ethnocentric (biased towards Western culture)