Preffered Courses

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Preffered Courses by Mind Map: Preffered Courses

1. Because I really love mathematics. I am fun of solving and playing with numbers.

2. Because I love helping others cope-up with their problems and giving advices.I love to observe people's behavior.

3. Education

3.1. Because I want to share my knowledge to others, at the same time to be an inspiration to the students and to help them reach their dreams.

3.2. School: WMSU

3.3. Job Opportunities: Principal, teacher, supervisor and etc.

4. Accountancy

4.1. School: WMSU

4.2. Job Opportunities: Accounting Clerk, budget analyst, capital accountant and etc.

5. Medical Course

5.1. This is what my mother wants me to get. Because my relatives are willing to support my expenses and at the same time I want to challenge myself because I don't really love science and medical courses.

5.2. School: UZ

5.3. Job Opportunities:

6. Psychology

6.1. School: WMSU

6.2. Job Opportunities: Psychometrist, Human resource Personnel, Guidance Counselor and etc.