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WOULD by Mind Map: WOULD

1. Past Tense of Future in Reported Speech

1.1. Will & Going To

1.2. -She said that she would buy some eggs-

1.3. The candidate said that he wouldn't increase taxes. ("I won't increase taxes."

2. Would not

2.1. To Talk about refusals in the past

2.2. He wanted a divorce but his wife would not agree

3. To talk About Preferences

3.1. I would rather

3.2. I would prefer

3.3. I would like

4. To Talk habitual Past Behaviour

4.1. Every weekday my father would come home from work at 6pm and watch TV

4.2. We would always argue. We could never agree.

5. To talk about the future of the past

5.1. In London she met the man that she would one day marry.

5.2. He left 5 minutes late, unaware that the delay would save his life

6. Polite Requests

6.1. Would you mind passing the jelly

7. Unreal Conditionals